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Ask 500 People – Get opinions of others within minutes.
Awesome Highlighter – Highlight on a webpage to share what’s important with others. You will be given a link to your highlighted version of the original web page. – It is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online. Your brainstorming chart can be shared, saved as an image, or embedded on a website.
Edisco – Create your own flashcards online individually or collaboratively. Students can share the responsibility of making studying flash cards. Images can be added to the cards as well.
Edmodo – A private social platform built for education. Students and teachers can collaborate in a private, secure environment.
ePals- A safe, project-based learning network that connects classrooms worldwide. Safe email addresses for students.
Flashcard Exchange – Use existing flashcards on the site or create your own for the purpose of studying.
Jeopardy Labs – Create your own jeopardy templates or browse (and use) the templates that have been created by others.
Live Binders – A 3-ringed-binder for the web. Collect your resources, organize them, and present them for others to use.
Magnoto – A notice board where you can post photos, notes, small videos, images and audio.
Nota – Mash your ideas and media together with friends in a dynamic whiteboard wiki. Using photos, videos, and other web content you can instantly create brainstorms, presentations.
Notetaker Outliner – ReadWriteThink online tool for creating notes which is saved as an html file that you can revisit, edit and print.
PBwiki – Shared workspaces where students can collaborate with other students on group projects, wikis, websites, etc. It seems to be much like Google Sites.
Power League – A resource that lets you sample group opinions, provoke group discussions and stimulate debate. It creates a visual league table based on votes gathered across your group. You can create your own online leagues or use our existing ones.
Pro Profs: Brain Games – Create your own games for practicing the memorization of terms.
Screenr – Create screencasts for Twitter, blogs or a Powerpoint presentation (see this link for instructions on how to add to a PPT).
Stixy – Collaborate with others on this online bulletin board. Create individual stickies that can be sorted, organized on the virtual page.
Storybird – Write short visual stories and share them with others. Printing will be available in the future.
TakingITGlobal – The largest social online community of like-minded youth who are interested in global issues and creating positive change.
Type with Me – Work together live on a document. Fast and reliable.
Today’s Meet – Create a live, private stream to meet. Ask questions, make comments. This can be used to tailor your presentation based on the feedback to address your audience’s needs.
Wall Wisher – It is an online notice board maker that is ideal for making announcements, wishing people, and keeping notes. They can also be used as Post-its.
Wikispaces - Create a collaborative website environment on any topic. Can create a wiki for a class and have the students join and contribute to the writing environment. – Write it. Save it. Share it.

Visit this Wall Wisher page and add a note to the wall: wall/educatorsweb2-0

Digital Collaboration Ideas
Students as Contributors: The Digital Farm

Google Apps for Education


Google Documents
Learn more about Google Documents.

Google Calendar
Learn more about Google Calendar.
Google Sites
Learn more about Google Sites.

For more videos about Google Applications subscribe to or visit their YouTube channel.