Why have students create audio and visual (photo and video) projects?
  • Engaging
  • Active
  • Project-based
  • Critical thinking (potential)

Video Viewing Resources
100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers - blog article
30+ Alternatives to YouTube - blog article
Discovery Streaming – Largest online digital media library with over 50,000 video segments; easy to use library organized by subject (math, social science, etc); create online media interactive quizzes, assignments and writing prompts; personalize content for any grade or subject.
Free Video Lectures - Video lecture library that really is FREE. There are university lectures for numerous subject areas.
iTunes U - There’s an area in the iTunes store that provides users with educational audio and video content: lectures, debates, archival footage, and more.
MIT Online Course Ware – New Massachusetts Institute of Technology resource site for K-12 students and teachers includes more than 2 600 audio and video clips from college lectures as well as assignments and lecture notes.
National Film Board – The Canadian National Film Board has numerous short films that can be viewed for FREE.
PBS Programs – Full length PBS programming that can be watched online. See alphabetical listing.
Teacher Tube - An online community for sharing instructional teacher videos. Upload your lesson plan videos or watch student videos.
Top Documentaries – Watch free documentaries online.
TVO Archive - Watch free TVO programs online.
YouTube EDU - 100+ Colleges on YouTube - blog article